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About: ^^^ CLICK WEBSITE LINK BELOW TO ENTER ^^^Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 00:10:44 +1000 (EST) From: Amanda Rhondstadt Subject: Lesbian - High School - "Amanda's Sleepover part 1"Any comments to Amanda Rhondstadt's Sleepover part 1 (Ff, beginnings) When my friend Paulina invited me to her birthday party I was so excited. Paulina is blonde blue eyed and has a body to die for. She is also three years japanese imageboard loli bbs older than me and, though we have been friends for a few years, she has always kept her distance when we were at school. That was okay I guess. It wouldn't be cool for a 16 year-old to hang around with a girl three years her junior. That's what made the birthday invitation so cool. I was being invited to Paulina's birthday party where all her older friends would be - not only that, but it was a sleepover. I thought it was so cool, but I was so nervous - and nervous I should have been, because I had no idea what the lolitas pussy 16 years sleepover would turn out to be. I turned up at Paulina's home at on Friday night at about 4:30 in the afternoon. At first I wondered if I free lolitas preteens pics had the right day because the only one there was her mother, but Mrs Tasker assured me it was the right day. "Come in Amanda," said Mrs. Tasker. "Paulina is just out in my car picking up a few of her friends reteen loli models top from school. lolita nude porn pictures Did you bring your bathers?" "Oh no," I said, feeling instantly embarrassed. board cgi image loli "I didn't think it would be a pool party." "No matter," the older woman said, "I am sure if the girls end up wearing bathers that Paulina will find you a bikini that she has outgrown." "Okay," I r ygold lolitas pics said. I was a bit confused about Mrs. Tasker saying 'if the girls end up wearing bathers' but I suppose young black lolita girls she meant if they decide to lola russian 12 pics go swimming. Paulina's parents weren't as strict as my mum and dad, but I still couldn't imagine them allowing a group of teenage girls to go skinny dipping. "What time tomorrow do you have to be home, Mandy?" "My Mum didn't say any special time, so I guess whenever." "It's just that Paulina said she was hoping that you would stay for the whole weekend. None of her other friends can stay past tomorrow morning. She said it would give time for the two of you to spend some time together - just lolita cp tgp portal the two of you without the older girls." Without waiting for my reply Mrs. Tasker took the phone on her kitchen wall and speed-dialed my house. My Mum and Mrs. Tasker know each other quite well, not just because Paulina and I go to the same school, but they have been friends for years. It would be so cool to stay at the Tasker's for the weekend. "That's settled. At least Mandy won't be on her own for the weekend," said Mrs. Tasker. "Err, won't you and Mr. Tasker be here?" "Oh no, we're away sailing till late on Sunday on one of Jim's work friends yachts." "Oh, I don't think my -" "Don't worry about it. I didn't mention it to your Mum because I know she is such a Worry-wart. It is about time you were untied from your mum's apron strings. "But what if -" "Don't worry. Enjoy the time with Paulina," Mrs. Tasker said as she turned to look out of the kitchen window. "Here's Paulina back. Good, I need to meet Jim at the Yacht Squadron in 20 minutes." Paulina bounded in the door. She was wearing jeans and an orange bikini top. The nude lolita preview pics way she ran into the room I thought her breasts the preteen lolita nymphet would bounce lolita pictures vombat free out of her bikini bra. She quickly introduced me to her three friends, Kelly, Leanne, and Rachel. I noticed all the girls had bikini bras and shorts, and I guessed they all knew to bring their bathing suits. I felt a little awkward about that, but tried not to show it. Leanne russian lolitas 10 13y was the youngest and shortest of the three, just a year older than me and was the prettiest with auburn hair, deep brown eyes and olive skin that looked tanned all year. Rachel was very fair but with dark brown hair and deep brown mesmerizing eyes. Kelly looked the oldest of the three, but she was the same age as Paulina. Like Paulina, she lolita naked young photos was looked like a blonde haired and blue-eyed beach baby - in fact those two could pass for sisters. All four russian pedo lolita nymphet of these girls had nicely developed breasts and I felt a bit self- conscious of my small endowment. It didn't seem to bother the other three girls that I was younger than little lolita girl nude them. They surprised me by each hugging me like I was one of their 'in' group. Paulina was busy getting instructions from her mum who was rushing out the russian lolita under 15 door. "Yesssss!" Paulina said as the front door finally closed. Paulina then pirouetted and came bounding towards me, her nude young lolas teens breasts bouncing and quivering with each step. "I am so glad you could come, we all are." I could hear Rachel, Leanne and Kelly agreeing, but my gaze locked onto Paulina who was looking at me in a strange way. I felt a strange shiver tingle all over my body. I'd never felt preteen lolita model hentai that way before. Paulina then shocked me by wrapping her arms around me and giving super young lolita pics me a full and teens lolita model video wet kiss on the lips. The kiss seemed to go on forever and I almost fainted. I didn't know sexy 10 yo lolita what to do. Should I push her away? But then would the others think I was a dweeb. Her lips were so warm and moist that I felt dizzy. I had had friendly 'peck' and 'cheek to cheek' kisses with girls before, but this was long, wet at passionate. Paulina's hands seemed to massage all over my 15 yo lolita bbs back. I could feel my older friends breasts pressing hard xxx youngest 3d lolicon into me. It was only when our lips broke that I realized that both her hands were under the back of my blouse. I couldn't help lettin asian lolita small girls my eyes fall to Paulina's breasts that were now nipple to nipple with with only my blouse and her skimpy orange bikini bra between us. I expected that Paulina lolita little 11 models would release her hold on me but she didn't. She just dipped her head down to regain our eye-to-eye gaze. I felt flushed and nervous as my older blonde friend looked directly into my reddening face. "I now have my four best friends for my party and to sleep with me." Paulina just said 'to sleep with her.' My head was spinning and I felt a weak sinking feeling in my knees. My mind was racing. She probably just meant the sleepover. I was about to speak when I felt Paulina slide both her hands up my back to the back of my neck. What was happening? My blouse was now bunched up under sexy angel nymphet lolita my arms revealing my small lacy bras. Our eyes seemed to be locked and I couldn't break my friend's gaze. Paulina slowly tilted her head to one side and with a gentle pressure nude loli top list on the back of my neck, drawing my face to hers. I heard all the other three girls make cat-calls, but I couldn't help myself. Almost mesmerized I parted my lips as Paulina and I met. I surrendered my open mouth to be explored by Paulina's tongue. I am shorter than Paulina made felt like a waif lol ta model galery in her arms. I couldn't help myself and drew my own arms around Paulina and I felt the warm silky skin of my friend's waist and back. The cat-calls from Rachel, Kelly, and Leanne turned to gentle moans and sighs. I felt an odd tingling in my groin and I knew my panties were becoming moist - a feeling that I'd only felt when dreaming about boys. What was I doing? I should feel ashamed, but strangely I didn't care. Paulina felt so good. When our kiss ukranian pre lolita free finally broke I felt a rush excitement but also disappointment. I wanted it to continue. I wanted to kiss Paulina again and again. Instead of lowering her arms, Paulina hooked her thumbs around my bunched up blouse and lifted higher. I now stood before Paulina and her three friends wearing a lacy bra that was so thin you could see every detail of my nipples, and skimpy cut-off shorts that just hung on my hips. I was wondering if the crotch of my shorts were as soaked matching lace shocking little nudist lolitas panties felt. "You don't need this," said nude asain lolas galleries Paulina as she lifted my blouse over my head and sent it twirling across the room to disappear behind an armchair. "Now where were we?" asked teen lolitas porn whores Paulina as she again pulled me towards her. My head unconsciously tilted to receive her passionate kiss, but she didn't. "Don't rush it Mandy," she said, but not in lolita preteen litte pedo a chastising way. "I want to savor you girl." Her head went alongside mine and I felt the warmth of her llittle lolitas art nonude cheek against mine. I closed my eyes as we embraced and felt lolitas lolitas lolitas bbs myself snuggle into the crook of Paulina's neck. Suddenly I was aware that my friend had one hand on the centre of my back holding me to her, underage lolita hard core but the other was massaging my left young russian lolitas galleries breast through my little lacy bra. My nipple was hardening like a pea under the rolling palm of her hand. I wondered what Rachel, Kelly and Leanne would think of me 'pashing off' with Paulina. I was expecting them to be standing in open-mouthed shock. With fear of what I might find, I opened my eyes and was amazed lolita old russian girl to see Leanne laying back on the couch without her top and with one hand down the front of her little denim shorts massaging her crotch while she watched Paulina and me. 100 non nude lolitas Leanne nude young ukraina lolita just smiled at me and dropped her mouth open as her fingers found the pleasurable regions of her sex. Paulina's hand eased my lace bra over my left breast freeing sweet stuff lolita pussy my small breast. My nipple was hard and sensitive as it rubbed against her bikini top. She swapped hands and eased my other breast free. Paulina began massaging my right nipple, periodically pinching it between her thumb and forefinger. I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure that came youngreal preteen lolita pussy out as a suppressed squeal. "Undo my bikini top," Paulina whispered pt lolita models nude in my ear. "I want to feel my breasts against yours." I felt for the loosely japanese lolita schoolgirl nude tied bow at the centre of her back. I could feel the weight of Paulina's breasts pressing against my chest and again felt the juices flowing between my legs. I fumbled for the cords and finally pulled the loosely underage 15 yr lolita tied bow till the cords fell apart. She moved her body away from me a few inches and her bikini top just hung on her firm breasts. "Take it off," she said, "right off." I slid my right hand up Paulina's belly, under her bikini and cupped her breast as I lifted the flimsy garment. "Now feel my breasts." I drew both hands to her silky breasts, letting my forehead rest on her shoulder so I could see Paulina's firm creamy mounds in my hands. I felt my knees wanting to give way and I guess Paulina sensed my state. "Lets sit down," said Paulina as she guided me to the couch alongside Leanne. Instead of holding me, Paulina sat me on the couch and slowly laid me lengthways on my back so my head rested on Leanne's teen little lolitas modelos rounded thighs. It was only when I turned young innocent lolita nude toward the girl that I realized that not only had she lost her bikini bra, but I was staring at the fine auburn hair of her pubic mound. The sweet fragrance of her sex was intoxicating and I felt my head was swimming. I looked questioningly back to Paulina and she smiled. "Relax girl," she said and she leaned down and French lolitas girls in thongs kissed my navel. I automatically drew my knees up and arched my back at Paulina's ministrations. I felt Leanne's right hand caressing the side of my face brushing my hair from my eyes. Her fingers caressed my lips and coated them with a musky honey glaze, naked lolita girl dancers which I realized was the secretions girl had drawn from her vagina. I opened my mouth but the fingers drew back. I looked towards Leanne and watched as her fingers again massaged her sex, slowly plunged into her vagina and then slowly withdrawing. Her hand was now glistening from her pleasure. Leanne again plunged inside little lolitas free pics her sex and I felt the tremble of her thighs at the pleasure. This time brought her wet fingers straight to my open mouth. I lolita top 50 websites hungrily sucked the sticky teen lolita bbs underage pungent honey from her hand. I looked to Paulina who both nodding and smiling. "I knew your time was right," said Paulina. As my tongue suckled on the juice from preeten lolita pics free Leanne's crotch I saw past Paulina. free teen lollita picture Rachel was sitting low in the lounge chair with both legs hooked up on the arms. She was gasping in pleasure as Kelly buried her face buried between her ivory thighs. A sharp snap was the unmistakable sound xxx preteen lolitas toplist my own shorts being unfastened. Paulina had kissed her way down my now trembling belly and had both hands under mexican lolita 12 yo the arch of my back and was tugging at my shorts. "Lift your hips up sweetness," said Leanne. "Paulina wants your virgin pussy." I did as Leanne instructed, lifting my self so that my weight was on my shoulders. In one single movement Paulina had my shorts and panties over my buttocks and down to my knees. She immediately eased my legs from her shoulders and slipped my sodden shorts and panties from my legs. Just like my blouse, my shorts and panties were flung across the room my shorts disappeared behind Rachel's lounge chair but my panties were left hanging from a wall mounted light fitting. I let out a laugh - I couldn't help it. I no longer cared about anything else but these two girls. Leanne took the opportunity to slide her left leg from beneath me so that she was now laying on free teen lolita photos her right side with the back of my head resting on her right inner thigh. Paulina had now forced my legs wide apart with her arms and went back to kissing my lower top photos galleries lolitas tummy slowly kissing her way down towards my crotch. I felt the involuntary urge to slam my thighs together, but realized that Paulina held me spread-eagled and completely open to her desires. Paulina hooked her hands under my knees and pushed my legs wider and higher so my buttocks came up to meet her face. I felt my hips pushing towards her, wanting her to bury herself into my crotch. Now I couldn't resist her advances even if I wanted to - I didn't want to. I could feel Paulina's breath between the cheeks of my bottom and I shivered and whimpered with excitement. Leanne young lolita pic archives shuffled some more so that her sex was less than two inches from my face. I felt her hand turn my head towards her crotch. Her auburn pubic hair was now darkened by the glaze of her juices. Tiny droplets sparkled on each hair as I looked past to her perky breasts and erect nipples. preteen lolita pix forum It was the prettiest sight I had ever seen. I breathed in and savored the intoxicating scent of her crotch. The sixteen year-old's pink labia minor was invitingly presented and slightly parted by her previous massages. Leanne's whole vagina glistened with the same pearl-colored glaze which I had sucked from Leanne's fingers I thought this was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Paulina had now begun her final approaches to my own pussy. Her ministrations had become more aggressive, lightly biting each side of my labia. To my surprise she didn't immediately crazy lolitas models nude plunge into my sex, but continued to give increasingly harder bites around my inner thighs and the lower bouts of my buttock cheeks. I felt a illegal young lolita pedo burning sensation welling up from deep within my groin. I wanted to thrust my tiny lolita vids russian pelvis against Paulina's face, but she was holding me back from achieving climax. Leanne again turned my face, cupped both her hands behind my neck and slowly but firmly pulled me into her sopping vagina. I felt both smothered and intoxicated by Leanne's sex. I felt her ooze coat my nose, cheeks and chin. I began lapping my tongue from preteen lolita art photography her vagina to her clitoris which spread lolli preteen naked model her glaze all over my face. I tasted the creamy oyster emission gothic lolita nn bbs from her vagina and also the slight tangy emission from her urethra. I thought I should have been repulsed by this, but quite the opposite. I wanted every sensation, taste and aroma that my new lovers would offer. Paulina sucked and nipped her teeth all around my crotch and I could feel spasms building deep within my belly. Every few seconds she would move and bite down on anus which cause me to preteen lolita in bikinis buck my face hard into Leanne's sex. Paulina eventually teased my labia apart and worked lolita tgp bbs child first one then a second finger into my vagina. I felt breathless and wondered if I was going to pass out before I could reach orgasm. I had masturbated many times pressing into service everything from the handle of a hair bush to the handle of my mother's rolling pin as a phallus, but nothing prepared me for the work over that Paulina's fingers were giving me. My body shuddered lolita non nude nude and quivered. Paulina nipped her teeth on the soft perinial flesh between my vagina and anus which sent small electric shocks to fire through my body before young lolita movie galleries again biting down board image kazz loli hard on my anus, working the free preteen lolita site rubbery flesh between her teeth. This was both excruciating and yet deliciously painful. I let out a moan of delight that was muffled and enveloped by Leanne's vagina. Paulina released my anus from her teeth and licked her way nude lolita jap pic to my aching and soaking pussy. She lapped my pussy with her tongue and then began intensely sucking and caressing young preteen lolita nudist the upper reaches of my vagina so pre lolita pay sites her tongue probed my clitoral hood, again causing me to moan as pre lolitas no nude I sucked and plunged my tongue into Leanne's sex. Each time Paulina would release from my sex for a breath fkk lolita 12 yo she would gently nip her teeth around my mons pay lolitas mamadas amateurs and explore my uretheral opening very young dark lolitas with her tongue. I wondered if Paulina ministrations were seasoned the same tangy flavour that Leanne gave me. I had no way of stopping Paulina and I didn't want to. She again went back to sucking and teasing my clitoris which caused my pelvic muscles lolita ls island dreams to go into spasm. Paulina again worked her fingers into my 6-12 year boys lolitas vagina - massaging and caressing my swollen sex. My hips and thighs convulsing and trembling were now. I was nearing orgasm - chubby model loli pics a thunderous orgasm was building and I felt my thighs wanting to trash. Leanne nymphets shy lolita portal was also nearing he peak and was alternately pulling duvx non nude lolita my face hard into her vulva and then sandwiching my face between her thighs. I suckled on her clitoris fuck lola petite picture and used my the preteen lolita naked photo thumb to massage around her swollen pussy. I could her gasp heavily and neared orgasm. It was then that I felt other hands on my body. First two cupping my breasts and squeezing my nipples hard, and then more hands exploring my quivering buttocks. I felt an intense pressure free lolita nude cgiworld on my anus as a finger began to force its way past the sphincter. I felt like screaming with joy, but Leanne was now heavily humping my face. A second finger forced past my anal sphincter, drove deep, and began to massage the inner wall separating the vagina. The sensation was delightful and I didn't want it to stop. I decided to copy my tormentor and began to massage my middle finger lovely lolitas 7y o hard in and out of Leanne's anus. Leanne began to violently shudder and give out guttural moans of pleasure as she thrashed her vagina into my face. I continued massage her sex in a scissor action with my thumb at the base of her vagina and middle finger exploring her anus. Suddenly Leanne thrashed into orgasm so hard I thought she was going to dislocate my ls world nude lolitas jaw. Feeling Leanne's russian bbs lolitas xxx sexual spasm against my face finally sent me over the edge. I couldn't hold back any more and violently bucked my hips into Paulina's face as I shuddered with the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced. Paulina didn't stop her stimulation of my sex, but gently coaxed my body my dream lolita site to continue small shudders and explosions of lolita news ls a pleasure for many minutes. I copied Paulina's expertise in my own efforts with Leanne, who moaned and trembled long after I was spent - every few minutes her inner thighs quivering and slapping the sides of my face. The two other girls withdrew, but Leanne, Paulina and I laid together and fell asleep each between the others legs. Leanne's perspiration was running in rivulets down from her thigh and over my face. Occasionally I stirred to the sensation of Paulina licking the juices from my pussy or the sweat from my buttocks. My muscles and hips felt so torn and exhausted that I wondered if I would ever be able to move. Paulina finally released my sex and encouraged me to continue to give pleasure to Leanne. The young olive-skinned girl showed amazing stamina twice tensing and thrashing into orgasm over the next hour. lolita porno pedo pics Paulina tried to arouse my body into action but I was 12yo preteen lola collection spent and eventually fell asleep between my legs. Three hours after Paulina's mum had left for the Yacht Club, highheel lolitas free pics I half walked and was half carried by Paulina and Leanne to the Jacuzzi that was set into patio. The five of us girls were in the hot tub together without clothes and in full view of any neighbor who cared to look over the fence. Three hours ago I could never imagine that I would even thought about doing this but, life is truly wonderful and I am in love these girls. Not only that I don't care who knows it.-------- nude lolita photos sites to be xxx lolita blow jobs continued -------I hoped you liked my story. If you want to discuss it with me or just say hello then you can email me at and I will try to reply promptly. For those who are interested, Paulina, Leanne and Rachel are real people, but their names have been changed. They are my best friends. This story is based on truth, but is an amalgamation of naturist nudist preteen lolita two events, and some minor details changed for readability. Bye for now, Love Mandy. Xxx
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