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Name: Bear hug with lolita
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About: ^^^ CLICK WEBSITE LINK BELOW TO ENTER ^^^Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 23:09:19 -0400 From: Steve Griffin Subject: Angel's Investigations 7"Angel" belongs naked lolitas preview sites to the WB and Greenwalt/Whedon/Mutant Enemy, loli tgp pics nymphet among others. I am making no profit, aside from the joy of feedback. Do not pass this around or archive this without asking me first. Do not read this if you aren't over 18 or the age of majority in your area.If you have ANY feedback, *please* e-mail me at lolita swim suit models night of exhausting demon-killing had left Angel and his troupe, well...exhausted. Cordelia had driven straight back to her apartment and ghostly friend, while the men returned to the Hyperion. Gunn lolita teen pics 13 and Riley drank a few beers, Gunn's hands accidentally rubbing Riley in all young lolita russian models the wrong-right places. Angel brooded, tried not to stare at Wesley, and went to bed. Wesley, who had pre-teen lolita nymphet sex declined leaving the hotel, had spent all night sipping sherry and little angels model lolita reading his books, a prison lolita girlie nude pics he had been voluntarily admitting himself to more and more frequently. Gunn had tried talking to him, but to no avail. Too weary to lolitas bbs child models drive back to his hovel of an apartment, Gunn planned to sleep in one of the boy lolitas preteen bbs many vacant rooms."Come up later, it's 203," Gunn sensually whispered into Riley's ear. While stomping lolitas videos pay sites up the stairs, real illegal loli sex Gunn lolita preteens pussy pics turned around to mouth the word to an attentive Riley one last time. wow hotlal com lolita Wesley also noticed, but both preteen nude little lollipops he and Riley remained silent. Wesley due to a plan formulating, and Riley due to pink nude preteen lolita shuddering at the sight of those thick lips and what he lolita girls nude 3d wanted to slide between them.Riley stretched out on the leather sofa, the shiny material stuck on his elbows. Angel's leather pants had the same texture. young lolita pee pic Riley had a strong bond with Gunn, wanted lolita little girls ls to know Gunn better, but he still had such videos de lolitas preteens a deep lust for Angel. A bloodlust. He couldn't get him out of his dreams, and every time Angel mourned the loss of his latest love, Riley wanted to wrap his arms around the vampire and make Angel forget Wesley ever existed. He also wanted to share unsenscored young lolitas nymphets himself with Gunn, to fuck loli dorki top 50 him into the carpet, but was that because of Gunn or because of Forrest? At the moment, Riley's most pressing concern 14 teen loli nude was drowsiness.Pensively, trying not free preteenlolita video com to chew his lip, Wesley waited for Riley to accept or deny Gunn's carnal invitation. Luckily, whatever intentions the youthful soldier had were sidetracked by lolita bikini 11 yo sleep. Riley planned to underage 16 lolita pics close his eyes only for dark lolita collections bbs a moment, but the moments slowly russian preteen lolli pics built one upon the other. Wesley penned a note, and when the fifteen-minute mark approached, crept up to room 203.A lit candle in his hand and a butcher lolita pic bbs porn knife held behind his back, Wesley approached the doorway. He glimpsed Gunn's expansive, smooth back and shoulders, slick from a recent shower, contrasting starkly to the crisp white sheets. His skin stretched tight against street-honed biceps, the sheet riding down slightly, revealing the top of his deep crack and large, muscular buttocks, Gunn was a vision. Such a vision that Wesley nearly forgot his initial reasons for speaking to the man.Clearing his throat to remind himself as much as underage lolitas bbs nymphets Gunn, Wesley cautiously crossed the threshold. Gunn's shoulders seemed to heave from relief as he heard the second free virgin girl lolitas party joining him. He turned, preteen loli art galleries expecting..."Riley, is that lolitas ls magazine 15 you?"Gunn's eyes widened as he realized this was clearly not Riley."Wes? This a three-way now?"Wesley shook his head meekly, and joined his nude friend on the bed. Gunn was confused as all hell, but he top wild nymphets lolitas knew that Wesley would never behave this brazenly if he were just asking for tea. Add in Wesley's weird behavior over the past few days, pre teen lolitas stories and Gunn decided to be as polite as possible. Gunn sat up against the pillows, arms folded his head, his coal-hued, bushy pubic hair and flaccid 9 inches partially lolita sites bbs kds visible above the preteen girls dark lolitas ever-lowering sheet. He didn't even consider covering up. He had nothing to be ashamed lolitas preteen bbs tpg of and lots to be proud of.Wesley would concur, if he were not so wrapped up in his own teen board bbs lolita issues. With a faint tremor, preteen lolita secret sites he placed the candle on the nightstand, and the bear hug with lolita knife near Gunn's thigh. Gunn glanced down, agog, and preteen lolitas c p cracked a half-serious joke."Holy shit, Wes! I thought you were kinky, but knife play?"Wesley faintly smiled, looked down at the knife, knotted his trembling fingers in his lap, tried to be as direct as lolita hard top 100 possible."Every day, I wake up feeling that I am destined to commit a horrible crime, but I have no idea of when, where, who. Every day, I feel that I russian child lolita kds need to stop myself before I can do harm. I have spoken lollita underage pussy pictures to telepathic demons, to a hypnotherapist, to a bloody fortune teller, and they have told me nothing. This is my last resort. I no longer trust my ability to..." Wesley paused, willing his voice not to break, "commit suicide. I have attempted this and have been unable to. I decided I would need your assistance in such a thorough activity. I realize this is an unfortunate request yes lolita top toplist to ask, but I have left a naked lolitateen pussy com very lolitas art gallery nude detailed note that should absolve lolitas img gallery board you of criminal responsibility."Gunn's eyes bugged out yet again, his only reaction. nude under 18 lolita Removing himself from his sheet, he rose to his feet and cp board free lolita began pacing, began rubbing his forehead. Wesley blinked xxx underage lolitas video and tried not to notice lolita russian sex pictures blog russian lolitas gallerie the trivial things, like Gunn's left-leaning nightstick and mushroom head, his huge thighs, his meaty nipples hardening in lolitas dreams angels links the cool air. Time passed excruciatingly slowly for Wesley, much too quickly for Gunn, millions of thoughts racing through Gunn's mind. Bewilderment, rage at Wes asking him to do this after Gunn had to kill the girl he thought of as a sister, and finally, pity. Gunn kneeled to his friend's waist, placed his large, compassionate hands on trouser fabric. Stared into Wesley's xxx lolita girls pictures bespectacled eyes and spoke as best he could."You need help. Not the kind you're askin' for. We never should've gone back to working for Angel. He rots everything he touches. Even the preteen lolita portal nude most precious gems in the world."Crouching forward, he nuzzled Wesley's forehead, wrapping his arms around his lean body to hug his traumas away. Scooping gallery lolitas virginz bbs down to kiss Wesley's nose, Gunn unbuttoned his tan dress shirt, smoothing over Wesley's pale pecs and flat stomach, carressing his surgical scar of a few months ago."You already almost lolitas nudes 10 years died once cause of me. Ain't gonna happen again, English. You hear me?"The concern dripped against Wesley's lips as teen loli miss bbs easily as Gunn's salty sweat dripped onto Wesley's neck and chest. Hating himself so much, wanting to be out of his own skin, wanting to fall into the lolita porn post pic soulful eyes and soothing voice of the incredibly arousing, fully naked man crouching beside him, Wesley let his emotions dictate his video folladas lolitas venezolanas actions. He closed the small space between himself and Gunn, and joined his mouth fantasia models nymphets loli and Gunn's. Gunn moaned lightly from surprise, then nearly bit Wesley's tongue off when the querrelous organ invaded his mouth. Pulling their lips apart, Gunn held back a question. Was this right? Gunn had sexy loli angel girl wanted Wesley since that first day in the warehouse, but had free lolitas bbs kds given up pursuing him. If he turned Wes down, would Wes kill himself? Why would he want to turn Wes down? What about Riley? Riley hadn't shown up yet, did that mean his answer was no?Puzzled at his equally puzzled friend, Wesley stared, trying to imagine what he had done rong. Reading Wesley's thoughts, Gunn rubbed his shoulders, carressed them, as he freed Wes from his shirt. He had lolita 16 yo pic made the decision, what he hoped was little petite preteen lolas the right decision."No need to go so fast. I've wanted this for over a year. How 'bout you? lolita sex young porn Did you want me half as bad as I wanted you?"Exploring Gunn's perfect torso with his soft fingers, Wesley meekly nodded. So easy to forget, about Angel, about the dreams, about everything...His shoes clumping off of his feet, Wesley stood up to unbuckle his trousers. As he began lowering his fly, Gunn's large hands covered his, halting him."Let me do that."Gunn gently pushed Wesley flat on his back, Wesley's neck brushing against the pillows little lolita rape stories as his socks were removed, as a long, wet tongue lolicon loli 3d model bathed his soles, journeyed in the nn 12 14 lolita valleys between his toes, sucked on his big toe. Wesley whimpered as he pictured that mouth on a larger and more excited part of his body. His trousers went next, with Gunn sliding his small little lolita pics rough palms lolita bbs tgp free up Wesley's pale calves and best lol bbs links trim thighs. The questing digits danced inside Wesley's soaked boxer shorts, tickling his tightening testicles, yanking on them slightly to jolt Wesley back into the moment. Finally, Wesley's underwear, after top kds lolitas bbs a lola non nude nymphet long sniff and taste by Gunn, joined his orphaned garments on the floor, and Gunn stared appreciatively, lovingly at his naked, live-wired friend. Wesley's heart fluttered with every peek at Gunn's dirty grin, knowing the many things russian lolitas lolitas nudist Gunn could do to free pictures naked lolitas his pliant, waiting flesh.Gunn kneeled at Wesley's toes and worked up Wes' body picture lolita met art slowly, his nose, his chest, his jutting cannon sliding up the pink skin stealthily. When their faces reunited, their tongues reacquainted hungrily. little cocksucker girls lolita Wesley sucked Gunn's tongue needily, massaging the hard cheeks he lolicon 3d boards art sweet angels lolita bbs so desperately yearned for. Gunn grunted at the sweet preteen models lolly thumb circling and probing near his hole, and removed Wesley's glasses. Wesley felt truly naked spying on lolitas naked now, his underage lolita models nude most private areas sensitive to the assured, erotic touches. Gunn's thumb glided nude child lolita pic down the bridge of Wesley's nose, around his grey, blinking eyes. Their erections duelled thumbnail lolita search russia as insistently as their hands scavenged, Wesley's practiced sword jabbing firmly at just the right spot in Gunn's low-hanging babymakers.The warrior and the librarian, black and white, ready; they had been ready for so long. Wesley had never dared to admit this to Gunn, but he had always yearned to be preteen lolita pedo cp impaled by the large, dark shaft of a black man, nude child angel loli to give himself fully to the strong, primal African body. He had experienced several black men, but few as proud, as commanding as Gunn. Gunn's chewy nipple escaping his mouth, Wesley muttered for Gunn to "fuck me raw." Surprised at Wesley's language, Gunn snickered, resting lolita models years 14 Wesley's legs onto his broad shoulders."Want my big black dick up your angel aka lola love tiny white ass, huh?"Entranced by the determined, lolita teen nude artgalleries thick fingers digging into his crack and tugging underage pussy model lolita at his dark hairs hidden there, Wesley hazily nodded.Gunn lunged forward, tongue brutally parting Wesley's firm mounds to fully taste his new lover for the 10 years naked lolita first xxx little lol models time. free hardcore loli pics Wesley silently screamed, russian nide art lolita pinching his own erect nipples, his foot rubbing you tube lolitas videos at Gunn's sweat-drenched backside. The candle dripped as steadily as their precum, and Wesley grabbed the object as he pumped his swollen lolita young models future cock, droplets of hot wax splattering on his chest and sending him further into ectsasy.This was going to be a long, active night. So busy were they that they never noticed Riley walking in on them, Riley watching in disbelief and arousal, Riley leaving a note and walking out the door. That would happen the next day. For tonight, Wesley and Gunn only yung nudist lolita pics had each other's needs to worry about.
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