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About: ^^^ CLICK WEBSITE LINK BELOW TO ENTER ^^^Date: Tue, 8 Apr zeps freedom lolita bbs 2003 19:11:07 -0700 (PDT) From: Jason Calme Subject: Boy Bands _All The Ways I Love You - Chapter 28All the Ways I Love YouThis story is about male/male relationships and contains graphic descriptions of sex.You should not read this story if it is in any way illegal due to your age or residence.This is a work of pure fiction. It mixes fictional characters and events with real people. However any real person mentioned in this work is purely an actor playing russian lolita teen galleries a part. This story in no way is meant to imply anything about the sexuality, personality, or behavior of the actual person.Thanks to the many readers who have responded to this story. Thanks to mattvt lolita art model sites for reviewing and proofing parts of this story; all errors remain my fault!Copyright 2003 Jason Calme. This story is the sole property of its author pink lolita thumbnail galleries and may not be copied in whole or free young lolita sleep in part or posted on any website without the permission of the author.Questions and commentary can be sent to "".Chapter 28I awoke to the sound of my cell phone chirping. It nude lolita model sites was 11 o'clock. I'd fallen asleep with the television and the lights on. Maybe it was a good thing the phone woke me."Hello?" I croaked."Ethan?""Hi Justin.""You okay?""I fell asleep," I said, still trying to wake up."Oh shit! Did I wake you?""It's okay lolitas nude pics xxx J. I fell asleep with the TV it's just as well you woke me up.""Oh, sorry," Justin apologized."It's okay."There 11 years amazing lolita was a long pause."I'm sorry about tonight...I want to apologize for the things my Mom said.""You don't need to," I said. I had suspected something like that would happen, so in a way, I wasn't that upset. I lolitas angel baby nude almost felt happy now. I'd survived something cute lolita spreading legs I'd been worried about for the past few months, because I knew Justin wanted me to models lolitas photo gallery meet her."No, I do," Justin continued. "You said it was going to be bad and I didn't believe you and I just feel really bad for putting you through that."What to say to that? 'Listen to me next time 'cause I know what the fuck I'm talking about?' Instead I took pity on him. "It's okay. Okay?" I said."Well, I've got some good news for you," his voice suddenly sounding bright and cheerful.Oh God! I thought. Dinner with underage preetens lolitas galery Britney must be ls lena katya loli back on."Mom's going back tomorrow," fat lolita pics free he said."She is?" I said, trying to sound casual. I didn't want to sound too enthusiastic."Yeah...she...her meetings were done and we lollita preteen nude naked talked a bit and we agreed it didn't seem like a good idea for her to stay any longer.""I see," I said. So the trip was purely a get to know me event, and now it had been canceled. I wondered who had canceled. Had Justin stood up to his Mother, or had his Mother simply said she wasn't going to preteen russian lollitas nude hang around to spend more time with me? I really hoped it was the former, but it lolita young 13yo pic might be the latter. Well, unless he told me I'd never know, as I wasn't going to ask."So you'll come over tomorrow after you're out of your meetings," he said.I couldn't pure latin lolita nude tell if it was a question or a declarative statement."Justin..." I interrupted. lolita too young pussy Somehow it felt dirty to be slinking back into the house after his Mother had cleared out. For my own self- respect I felt like I needed to stay here as planned; until Friday, and then go up there."Please, Ethan," Justin began to beg. "I have to do a lot of apologizing to you and we only have a few days and nights. I'm really going to make it up to you, I promise."I hate it when Justin begs. I can never refuse him when he gets that tone in his voice and that look in his eyes. And even though he wasn't there, in my mind I could see the expression on his face."But Justin..." I tried."Please Ethan. Do I have to come lolita preteen ls magasine down there and beg on my knees?"I free hard lolitas pics lay there and smiled. "Maybe I'd like that," I whispered to him."You would, huh?" he said, his tone brightening again."Yes, but you'd have to be naked," I joked."Ah...well," he began, a little thrown by my statement. "If you want me naked and begging lolita nymphet skin videos then you have to come to the house. I don't do that at hotels."I smiled into the phone. "Then I guess I'll have to come then.""'ll come," he said, accenting the word come."I'm tired Justin.""Then get some rest! You're going to need all your energy tomorrow night!""Yeah...well you better rest up too!" I joked back."Okay...I love you Tiger," Justin whispered and I couldn't help but smile."Love you Turbo."I arrived at Justin's house a little young girl strips loli after 4 in the afternoon. After a hard day of meetings where I had lolita 8 y o to pretend to be smart, outgoing, hip, and quick, you can get pretty damned exhausted. But as I was putting on my show, I couldn't help but wonder; do they really, honestly think that a writer is any one of those things? Don't they know that real writers tend to be hermit like creatures who hide away from the rest of the world while living in their underage sex lolita illegal own jpg lolitas 13 rusia fantasy worlds?The limo dropped me off at the house, and I walked up to the door and knocked, a little surprised that Justin hadn't come out to meet me. After a couple of seconds Justin opened the door wearing a white bathrobe and looked as though he'd just got out of the shower. His hair was still dripping a little."Did I interrupt something?" I naked young loliat pics asked as I stepped inside and dropped my bags. He closed the door and came around to stand in front of me."No, the driver called me just before you got here..." he smiled at me. "I preteen 15 yrs lolita wanted to be ready to apologize." And with that he untied the robe and pulled it open, letting it drop to the floor and leaving him standing naked in front of me.He really didn't have to apologize after that.But he stepped forward holding open his arms and wrapping them around me, pulling himself close to me and putting his head on my shoulder and kissing my neck. Then he knelt down on his videos gratis sex lolitas knees and looked up at me with a hopeful expression and I lolitas nasty girls photo had to do my best not to burst into laughter."I'm sorry," he magic teen free lolita whispered."Justin," I said trying to keep from throwing him down and having my way with him right there. "You don't have to apologize. I've already forgotten it. Everything's okay." I pulled him up so that he was standing and I hugged him hard."I know," he said, and he started kissing on one side of my neck and continued around the front of my neck until he ended up on the other shoulder. "But I'm going to make it up to you now."He slowly started to unbutton my shirt."Justin," I said, interrupting his unbuttoning. "You know I like being with you...we don't have to have sex every minute we're together."He looked up at me, and for a moment I thought he looked hurt. I pulled him to me and kissed him hard and passionately, my tongue pushing against his and I kneaded the globes of his butt and ground him against me, just so he knew how much I wanted him.He pulled away, still puzzled."I'd just like to take it a little slower..." I said. "You know, kind of an intellectual lolita de young galleries foreplay."He still looked puzzled."Though I do like having you naked," I said, running my free young lolita gallery hands up and down his chest. "How about we go into lolitas nude team net the living room, have a drink, and top 100 shy lolita a little kissing and cuddling. Then let's do something together...not that...and then," and I drew out the 'then', "we'll come back here and fuck each other stupid."I looked at him, wondering if he understood what I was trying to say.He nodded and I leaned lolitas free sites pics and kissed him again. I wanted him to be sure I wasn't angry or disappointed in him. He reached down for the bathrobe but I pulled it out of his hand."Who said anything about you getting dressed?" I teased."I'm staying naked?" he said with a smile on his face. He was getting into this more. "What do you want to drink then?" he asked."Got any white wine?" I asked. "I feel like that. Or a beer."Justin nodded and disappeared out to the kitchen while I went into the living room, took off my shoes, and stretched out on the couch. Justin came goth loli nude model nude small titted lolitas in carrying two beers and looked at me with a puzzled expression."You're not getting undressed?" he asked."It wouldn't be foreplay preteen shy lolita russian if we were both naked," I said, and took a preteen jpg 10yo loli beer out of one hand and put it down, and pulled him down on top of me. He somewhat reluctantly lay down on top of me, and I put my arms around him. We both took a drink and then put down the bottles. He looked at me with a mixture of puzzlement and wonder free model lolita com on his face, and I put lolli child models galleries my arms around him, running them up and down his cp underage prelolita pics bare back."You warm enough?" I asked."Uhh...I don't know," he said hesitantly."Want to get a blanket?" I asked."Maybe.""Go grab one," I prompted, and he jumped up and ran out of the room. When he came back he was stilling running and I got to watch his penis flop around as he ran. I was tempted to send him on another errand just to watch some more.He dropped down on top of me and pulled the comforter over the top of him. I put my hands back lolitas 13 yo nude onto his bare back and pulled him close and he shook a little and russian loli pusy pics eased into the warmth of my body. He lay his head down on my chest, the top of his head just below my chin. I ls magazine lolita samples could kiss the hair of his head easily and I did so. Running my lips back and forth through his hair."Cozy?" I asked him."Yeah," he murmured."So how was your day?" I asked.He lay there thinking for a moment. "It was okay," he said."Your Mom get away okay?""Yeah.""That's good," I said. I wasn't going to ask him any more than that. If he wanted to talk about it then loli teen pussy little I would, but otherwise I was going to leave it alone."How'd your meeting go?" he asked.I proceeded young lolita model tgp to tell him, in very abbreviated black top list lolita form, about the meetings."Think you'll get any lolita panties gateway sites work?" he asked."Don't know. If I had to guess I'd say no. They were kind of hard to read.""How do you mean?""Well they were very friendly, but now when people are really friendly here I just take that to mean xxx russian incest lolitas they're being hospitable," ls lolita vombat sun I said."Oh.""You know...'oh pre lolita dark collection that's so wonderful! We love you! Don't call us, we'll call you'""Uh huh," he nodded.I was rubbing my hands slowly over his back. Feeling the muscles in his back and upper arms, as he lay against me. He was hardly moving at all, just occasionally sliding his head on my chest preteen lolitas, top lolitas and nipping and kissing at me neck. It was an incredibly intimate and sensual moment, but not really sexual. I'd had an lolitas 13 years anal erection when he'd first lain on top of me, but it has slowly deflated as we were lying there. I couldn't tell if he was hard any more, young teens lold men though I suspected he wasn't. We lolitta 13yo naked lesbian lay there in silence for a moment."I like this," he whispered."Me to," I said, leaning down to kiss him."How come you have all the good ideas?" he asked, teen lolitas picture sharing pouting."You have great ideas too you know.""About us I meant.""So did I."He almost jailbait lolita models looked at me and rolled his eyes."I really russians lollitas teens preteens liked the flowers," I said, "thank you," and I kissed him."Yeah, flowers" he said, dismissively."Hey...there have been other things...""Yeah, like this trip...the trip to lolita young bbs ru North Carolina, one of my greatest moments there...""Hey!" I said poking him in the stomach. "You know those first few days when I came out to meet you? You showed me a wonderful time. You were so friendly and charming, I kept thinking 'I'm not getting non nude pedo lolitas any work done, this is going to screw up the project - oh well I don't mind!' And I was so in love with you when I left."He grinned at me."I did kind of pour it on," he said softly."So were you...what were you thinking?" I asked. I'd always wanted to know what he'd been thinking those first couple of days, but had never quite been able to do it."About what?" he asked looking up into my eyes."Well, why me?""You're not lolita8 years old com that bad!" he said jokingly."Huh! You know what I meant.""Yeah!" he snickered a little and stretched out and little boy loli pics then relaxed back against me. "Well to be honest, when Johnny said you were gay I didn't give it a second thought. I don't forbidden sex lolita nude even know why he told me. kids xxx lolita sex I guess because it was on your website so it was common knowledge. You meet a lot of people who klass lolita pre teens are gay, but they don't say 'this guy's gay,' all the time."And really I was just focused on not wanting to do the movie. So I was trying to find someone who I thought I could ask to not write a script; who wouldn't be upset bbs book guest loli about it. We had another guy in and I just knew he wouldn't go for it.""So I looked like a soft touch," I free lolicon preeteen hentai kidded him."No. I thought you were cute," and he looked at me coyly."Really?""Yeah. And I thought we could be friends. If we were friends I thought it would be easier to ask you..." and he paused, looking guilty."Okay, so I guess the becoming friends worked," I smiled."Yeah, though kind of faster than I'd expected. Kind of threw me. I guess it was timing too.""Timing?""Well I'd been kind of thinking that...well 12-17 preteen naked lolitas young little lolita xxx you know I'd done stuff...but not much...but I was forced lolita sex pics starting to think more and more about it lolita free tour russian know..." and Justin trailed off."What?" I prompted him."Uh...trying other things...""Oh.""I mean trying a relationship..." he added hastily." I was the first one to come along?" I asked, a little surprised. I think surprised at my luck."," he said shaking his head as though concerned I thought he hadn't done any comparative shopping. "I'd kind of been looking but not seen anything. I tried talking to a guy at a club once, but embarrassed blonde teen lolita that didn't go well," and he rolled his eyes."What happened?" I asked, curious."Well I went up to him at the bar and we talked for a bit and he was really preteen lolita nude kdz nice, but it was kind of awkward know..."I had no idea what he meant and my expression must have showed it."...let him know I was interested in him," Justin finished."Okay."Justin pushed himself up with his arms and we were separated. I reached up to him, worrying he was pulling away from me, but he slid over a bit and settled back down on me, leaning in to kiss me and then pulling back to almost curl up on my chest. I leaned lolitas first time blowjobs down and kissed the top of his head and rubbed kds chil loli pedo my hand up along his back."Comfy?" I asked."Very.""So what happened next?""He says to me, 'are you with anyone' and I top bbs lolita sex said 'no' and he says, like a joke, 'well you can always come home with me' and fashion magazine lolita preteen I said 'okay.'"I laughed. "Then what happened?" I asked."Well I think he thought I was just kidding with him, and he looked at me and he saw I was serious," and Justin giggled, "and he went to lean against the bar and missed it completely and fell on his ass!"Justin laughed free litte lolita pics and I laughed with him, pulling him against me and feeling his chest heaving as he chuckled."...And his beer fell on top of him," and Justin waved his hand in pantomime of what happened, "and he was sitting there dazed, covered in beer, and I leaned down and helped him up. But he was so embarrassed about it he literally ran out of the place! I felt so bad for him."We both laughed a little."Lucky for me I guess. little angel lolita cute Okay, enough about that, I want story erotic fuck lolita to hear more about me," I said."You? What about you?" Justin asked."So were you hitting on me at Disneyland or not?"Justin looked at me and grinned, blushing a little."Maybe," he said innocently. "What do you mean?""You kept leaning against me and you were right in my face.""Oh!" he grinned."So why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you say something when I told you I was gay?"Justin shrugged. "I was scared. I was focusing on the movie, and you were only going to be there for another day. I really liked you. I really, really liked russian 13 yr lolita you, and if you hadn't been going away I probably would have done something. But it was just too complicated...and well..." he looked at me shyly, "I liked you so much I didn't want to have a one night stand with you."I video lolitas teen kiddy grabbed him in my arms and moved so that I could roll him under me so I could lie on top of him. He figured out what I was doing and helped us move around, then I lay down, with my face right above his, free no nude lolitas staring into his blue eyes, and I leaned very young pregnant lolita down and kissed him, a short, chaste kiss."I love you so much," I whispered, pulling away. "You know you were all I could think about when I got back to New York. I wrote the script because it was like I was close to you. I could conjure you up in my mind and play out little stories with you. I couldn't believe it when you turned up at my door.""I'm sorry I didn't contact you sooner," he said. lolita naked pics legal "I non nude preteen lolitas just didn't think it could work out...but I couldn't stop thinking about you either.""Yeah?""I kept checking out your website to see if there was anything new there. I was so teen young lolita bbs excited when I was coming out and thought I might zoo loli top 100 very young lolita angel see you again. Though I was nervous about it.""I'm just so glad you did..." I said, and we kissed preteen russian lolitas nude again, holding each other, and I could feel lolita pics 10 15 the passion turning into sexual energy. Justin was beginning to stiffen underneath me. I finished the kiss and pulled up from him."So what do you want to do tonight?" I asked."Huh?""Want boy gay lollitas underage to go to a movie or something?""Uh...oh come on!" he almost yelled in frustration."What?" I asked innocently."You want to go out and do something...first?" he said, accenting the word first."Sure...with you," I said and I reached out and grabbed my beer off the coffee table, and handed his to him. We both took a drink, Justin looking at me with an amused expression."What?" I asked."Nothing. Just, sometimes you are so weird.""Thanks. Many people say it's my best quality," I smirked."I can't think who!" said Justin laughing, and he was tickling me and I squirmed pictures little naked loli on top of him."Hey! You'll end up getting covered in beer," I giggled. We went bowling. We took a top 100 little lolita couple of security guys and went to a bowling alley and it was a lot of fun. No one bothered us much. Considering I had only bowled about five times before, and hadn't bowled in ages, I did pretty well too. I think one of the security guys actually won. Oh, and then we went back to incest taboo lolitas cartoons his house and made mad passionate love. You know...went at it like lolita bbs blog preteen wild animals.And then we lolita schoolgirl picture art went at it nice teenie lolitas up skirt and slow a couple more times.That was pretty damn good. Just like the cuddling beforehand. There just wasn't as much talking. ------------------------------- To be continued...-------------------------------My other stories: High School: Do What You Can Celebrity: Boy Bands: Birthday Blues
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