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    5 girls 1 guy and a lot of lotion

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    Sponsor: Brandi Belle

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    Description: Hey guys!!! Miss me??!!! Im am so sorry...sososososososososo sorry you have no idea...i hated being away form you guys i just got really really busy unexppectly and didnt realize i didnt have any shoots for pretty sure my editor lost some cause i always like to keep some in reserve...anyway about this shoot!!! let me tell you if ever there was a shoot worth waiting 3 weeks for it is this look up the owrd twisted fantasy in the dictionary and theres a picture of this shoot right next to it... heres a basic rundown of it..imagine you just finished weorking out and youre in the lockerroom shower clensing yourself naked as the day you were born...youre thinkning youre all alone when all of a sudden 4 BEAUTIFUL girls come bursting in on you..and theyre laughing!!! and pokin at ya...they make fun of you they have there way with you!!! theycary you off into a nest they made for you full of soaps and lotions and they clean you and lube you and clean you and lube starts riding are theyre slave!!! you dont know whether to cry or run or moan or laugh or smile but you cant move it is both the most frightening and most enjoyable thing that has ever happenbed to you!!! so yeah thats pretty much this shoot enjoy!!!

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    Added: Jul 26, 2010 11:37am Views: 9,792 Ratings: 0 Comments: 0 Favorited: 4

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