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    Office torture

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    Sponsor: Club Dom

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    Description: Goddess Deanna and Mistress Aleana enjoy exploiting the males that work for them. When a potential employee comes in for an interview they explain that male employees are kept in chastity and given a 15 minute release every 30 days. In addition, the men are subjected to an "alternative motivational" program to keep them productive. The male is desperate for work and accepts the position. Deanna and Aleana enjoy the control they have over their male employees. They milk the new recruit, feed the bitch his own filth and put him into chastity. Then Deanna and Aleana call all of the men into the board room and announce a mass punishment day. Their company's sales have dipped and they will NOT tolerate a loss. The bitches are strung up by their wrists and ankles in the warehouse. The ladies whip the male bitches one by one, producing red and purple welts on the their flesh. When the sluts cry out, the ladies whip them even harder. When the last bitch has been taken down, the new hire is taken back to the board room. The ladies fuck the male bitch in the ass and mouth with their strap on cocks, getting off on the power they have over him. When the day is over Deanna and Aleana smile at each other. They've had a good day at the office.

    Download This Movie: Office torture

    Category: Femdom CFNM

    Tags: cfnm femdom mistress balls torture kick punch whip femdom_cfnm cfnm_femdom

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    Added: Jun 13, 2012 5:00am Views: 12,005 Ratings: 1 Comments: 0 Favorited: 1

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