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    An Education in Torture

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    Sponsor: CBT and Ballbusting

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    Description: In this fantasty role play session, Mistress January plays a CIA torture teacher teaching her young student the proper ways to get information out of people via torment.She begins by showing the young student how impact play and clover clamps on the cock and balls can be very effective ways to garner information. She then rigs her young student up with an Erostek and shows him how electrical play at high levels can be very coercive. The young student yells and screams and spasms as his cock is shocked. Then January pulls out a violet wand and violet wands the tip of his cock.For their second class, January has her student tied down on his back, naked and blindfolded. She pulls, smacks and pinches his cock. She then puts and electcric prostate stimulator in his ass, and an electric sound down his urethra and further demonstrates the power of electrical torment. She demonstrates the various settings on the Erostek and clamps his nipples to increase the sensation.For the third and final lesson, January teaches her student about fear. She uses a small handheld electrical device to incite fear from her student by shoving one of the tips down his urethra. She then threatens his balls with a stun gun and makes him beg for her to not use it on him. Then she uses a Burdizzo on his balls and threatens to make them hers forever. Then she sounds him with large metal rods while he begs her to stop. Finally, with a sound down his cock she grabs his balls with the Burdizzo and tests his courage. He fails her class due to his general wimpiness.

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    Added: Nov 27, 2009 7:31pm Views: 12,139 Ratings: 0 Comments: 0 Favorited: 0

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