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A Party and a Plate of Cum - Part 2 - Visit Party Hardcore Click Here

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Submitted by Anonymous
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  • 2009-08-28 16:12:23
Let me introduce you guys to Rick... Rick the Dick. Rick is my trainer, not the sharpest knife in the drawer but the ladies love his body. One night at the gym I was avoiding my next set so I was trying to distract him by telling about the parties I have been working and the all the crazy shit going down behind close doors. Rick, thinking I was full of shit tried to call me on it by betting me five hundred dollars against it. So, with bet in hand I told him if I am not full of shit you have to perform and quickly he agreed. After the workout I took him back to my truck and showed him the tapes. Always a man of his word, he agreed to the next show on the condition that he doesn't show his face. Thinking he was going to back out I agreed and told him to get a mask and to work out a routine. When the day of the shoot cam around he actually showed, so I asked to see his act before he goes out there and makes a fool of himself. Wanting the show to be a surprise he refused and introduced me to a couple more guys that wanted in on the action. What the hell, I added them to the roster and started the show with RICK THE DICK. I couldn't believe it. My good friend and trainer hoped out on stage with nothing but a flag and a Mexican wrestling mask. You will have to watch this shoot to really appreciate this crazy scene. But, all in all this party was the biggest hit yet and all the guys got some out on stage with everyone watching. It was like an ultimate CFNM wet dream. Rick got some play from all the girls then jerked off onto a plate for the Bachelorette. Then the two newcomers came out with a little dance routine and found some girls willing to jerk there cocks and another hot milf decided to blow one of them silly. This just turned the house upside down by the time the main event came around giving the bear and the trainer a run for their money.

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