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  • 2009-09-06 16:07:53
One lazy, sticky, sunny, Florida afternoon, two of my best girlfriends from college came over to hang out. Chillin on the deck of the condo my brother and I share, we decided to go out and do something fun in the sun, though we had to wait for my brother and his friends to come back. We always have a good time together, and besides, my brother is the one with a car! Our condo overlooks the bay, and has a gorgeous view, but we were starting to get really board waiting. Just lounging around, we started feeling frisky, so we decided to show off our booty popping 'skills' for each other. We each had on a sexy little beach outfit, with a mini skirt and bikini top, so it was pretty erotic. Vicci got on her knees and started shaking her ass back and forth, up in the air. I couldn't help but notice the thin layer of spandex covering her pussy, and it was really getting me turned on. My girlfriends must have been getting pretty horny too, because they started kissing and rubbing on each other. My brother doesn't like me to play with girls, but just then, his friends John and Dean showed up looking for him, so i decided to give them a little show. Kissing and rubbing my girlfriends, I hoped that my brother wouldn't catch us, but I hoped even more that his friends might be interested in joining in the fun! They didn't take their eyes off of me and my girlfriends while we teased each other... And they didn't resist when we started to grab their junk. I always thought Dean was pretty cute, but I had no idea that he had such an enormous cock! Once Vicci and I'd got his packaged unwrapped, I couldn't keep my hands off of it. She grabbed his balls and squeezed the base, while I spit all over his throbbing head and started jerking. We were so into what we were doing, it was a while before I realized that Monica had John completely naked and was jerking him off too! She had his balls in one had, his huge dick in the other, and was sucking on his nipples. Vicci decided to help her out and left Dean all to me. I wanted to tease him until he couldn't stand it anymore, forcing him to explode, so I slipped my hand into my bikini bottoms and started fingering myself. I wouldn't take them off though, just to drive him crazy! Then I sat over him, humping him with my clothes on, sliding my tightly wrapped pussy back and forth over his bulging cock. After grinding on him, I slid back and put my bikini covered pussy in his face, then spit, licked, sucked, and stroked him some more. Monica came over for a piece of the action, and with the two of us pleasuring, him it wasn't long before he showered us with a hot, sticky, satisfying glaze of his sweet jizz. I couldn't believe how much there was! Meanwhile, Vicci had John all to herself, and she was showing him who was the boss. He was laid back, enjoying every minute of it, while she skillfully juiced his banana, until there was a creamy white dollop of pleasure pooled on his dark, firm stomach. To our surprise, and delight! Dean was already hard as a rock again, so the three of us girls gathered around for some more fun. Caressing his chest, licking his nipples, massaging his balls, and jerking his meat, we managed to make him explode a SECOND time. Only this time his warm gooey jizz shot all over my chest and dripped down my cleavage onto my bikini! Just then, I realized that my brother would be home any minute! I jumped up and rushed everyone to get dressed and act normal.... (Whistle, whistle, whistle) OH, Hi bro! How was your afternoon? (Hehehehe)!
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